Why Payper News?

Payper News helps restore the business of journalism.

It used to be that readers could buy a single newspaper at the corner newsstand. Now that most of us get our news online, the newsstand has been retired, and along with it, an important revenue source for publishers.

Payper News brings back single-copy purchases, by offering readers the opportunity to easily buy one story at a time. What's more, because the price of a Payper News story is more expensive than an equivalent subscribed story, Payper News can actually be a lead generator for subscriptions.

Publishers monetize content beyond advertising, so the focus can be on quality journalism. Payper News enables the news industry to capture much of the value it derived from the old newsstand model.

The Problem The Solution
Advertising dilutes good journalism Too often, ads drive what gets written. Objective truth is a casualty, undermining the social value of quality journalism. Journalism for readers More revenue from readers means more content written for readers, and less clickbait influence from advertising revenue.
Local news is dying Original and investigative local reporting is declining. Smaller publications cannot finance with ad revenue alone, leaving their communities underserved. Reader-supported, not just ad-supported Single-copy revenue means readers pay for the local reporting they value. Publishers are incentivized to print what their readers want.
Frustrated readers, lost revenue When readers find a compelling story, they either (1) get it for free with ads, (2) leave after hitting a pay wall, or (3) buy a subscription. Reader relationships are lost when they leave the publisher site. Welcome back single-copy Payper News is bringing back single-copy by paying for news, one story at a time. The price is higher than the equivalent subscription price, forcing the reader to either pay the higher single-copy price or subscribe.
Publishers create value, but don’t capture it A viable democracy depends on the strength of the Fourth Estate. Current financial models have deteriorated the industry and, regrettably, democracy itself. Macropayments, not micropayments Publishers choose the minimum price. A high minimum can help onboard new subscribers, since one story costs more than an equivalent subscribed story. Plus, Payper News' unique demand pricing increases the price for popular stories to maximize publisher revenue.
Publishers build social media brands, not their own Publishers want to keep their readers on their news site, but their brand is diminished when readers access their content through social media. Keep the trusted brand with the publisher The publisher keeps the reader on their site, deepening their brand as a trusted information source.

How It works

  • Readers set up a wallet with Payper News the first time they read a Payper News story on any participating publisher site.
  • The reader’s wallet works on all participating Payper News publisher sites.
  • Story prices are left to the publisher. Payper News takes care of the accounting. Optionally, publishers can use demand pricing to allow prices to float higher with demand to maximize revenue.
  • Once the wallet is established, Payper News manages the billing and accounting for all Payper News stories the reader views, regardless of the publisher.

Reader Experience (try our demo)

  • On any participating Payper News publisher site, the reader clicks on a story they want to read.
  • The reader sees the price of the story and clicks the purchase button to read. Optionally, the publisher can promote their subscription for easy upgrade.
  • The first time they read a story on the Payper News network, they’ll be asked to enter their credit card information.
  • Once they’re registered, they can read any story in the Payper News network with one click.

About Us

Payper News is a public benefit corporation dedicated to strengthening journalism and its mission of truth, accuracy, and credibility. Quality journalism takes sustained, significant resources. We aim to empower the industry with revenue models that allows it to more directly capture the intrinsic value it creates. For more information, visit us at payper.news.